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John Nees earns U-M Research Faculty Achievement Award

Nees has been a key contributor to the many ultrafast and high science advancements accomplished at the Gérard Mourou Center for Ultrafast Optical Sciences.

Hearing emotion: Redefining mental health monitoring via voice-based mood detection

Researchers at U-M have received a $3.6 million NIH grant to support their development of new digital phenotyping tools to better detect and measure symptoms of bipolar disorder via audio monitoring.

Todd Austin and Valeria Bertacco receive North Campus Deans’ MLK Spirit Award

They were honored with the Community Building & Impact Award for creating the AURA program, a research exchange for undergraduate students at African universities.

Three CS students honored as outstanding undergraduate researchers by CRA

Andi Xu, Gaotang Li, and Chenhao Zheng were recognized by the CRA for their research achievements and potential.

Get to know: Gokul Ravi

His research takes on topics at the cutting edge of quantum computing, from quantum algorithms to quantum-classical systems.

CS students revive MHacks legacy

Two CS undergrads are leading the effort to relaunch MHacks, once the world’s largest hackathon, with its first in-person iteration since 2019.

Mark Guzdial receives ICER Lasting Impact Award

Prof. Guzdial’s 2012 paper on subgoal-labeled instruction was recognized for its sustained influence on computing education

Experts convene for sixth Michigan AI Symposium on responsible AI

The event brought together more than 250 AI experts for presentations, conversations, and networking surrounding responsible AI.

U-M hosts 2023 Midwest Programming Languages Summit

The Summit brought together researchers interested in programming languages and compilers from across the region to exchange ideas and promote collaboration.

NSF backs U-M research to enhance reliability of distributed systems

Researchers in CSE have received a four-year NSF grant to support their development of semantic checkers for distributed systems.

Five papers by CSE researchers presented at USENIX Security 2023

Papers authored by CSE researchers at the conference cover a variety of topics related to computer security and privacy.

Two EECS PhD students receive Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

Cameron Haire and Jiale Zhang have been selected as recipients of the prestigious fellowship, which aims to support forward-thinking PhD student research.

From binary to the Big House: Drum major Blake Brdak

Meet CS undergrad Blake Brdak, the 58th University of Michigan Marching Band drum major.

George Tzimpragos receives 2023 ACM SIGARCH & IEEE CS TCCA Outstanding Dissertation Award

The award recognizes the excellence of Tzimpragos’s doctoral thesis on computer architecture.

A surprisingly simple way to foil car thieves

Flicking lights or swiping wipers could one day add extra security to vehicles.

Honglak Lee receives RSS 2023 Test-of-Time Award

Lee and coauthors have been recognized for the sustained impact of their paper on detecting robotic grasps via deep learning.

Seven papers by CSE researchers presented at ACL 2023

Fourteen researchers in CSE have authored papers appearing at the conference, covering a variety of topics related to computational linguistics and natural language processing.

Michigan Engineering student team wins round two of IBM Call for Code challenge with traffic management solution

The undergraduate student team has developed Traffic AI, a system that uses machine learning to reduce traffic congestion and lower carbon emissions.

CSE recognizes outstanding Graduate Student Instructors and Instructional Aides of 2022/23

The awards honor outstanding student teachers for their contributions to upholding CSE’s mission to provide top-level education and instruction.

Five papers by CSE researchers presented at STOC 2023

Three CSE faculty have authored papers being presented at the conference on topics ranging from length-constrained computing flows to graph connectivity problems.

Five CSE students awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

These graduate students have been recognized by the National Science Foundation for their outstanding research achievements.

With language models on the rise, how can Natural Language Processing be used for good?

A research team led by Prof. Rada Mihalcea and PhD student Zhijing Jin has created a method for identifying and categorizing research that uses NLP to address social problems.

Two CSE PhD students named Machine Learning and Systems Rising Stars

Fan Lai and Jiachen Liu have been selected to join a competitive cohort of early-career researchers looking to promote progress, collaboration, and research excellence in machine learning and systems.

Five papers by CSE researchers presented at IEEE S&P conference

Ten CSE researchers have authored papers for the conference spanning topics related to security and privacy.

Friday Night AI event addresses public’s concerns surrounding ChatGPT

Michigan AI Lab draws large crowd at Friday Night AI event discussing ChatGPT, its abilities, and its limitations.

Test article

The CollabAlly extension pulls together visual information in collaborative editing environments and makes them easy to access and navigate with audio cues.

Undergraduate researcher takes first place at ACM competition

As the top undergraduate student, Serafina Kamp will advance to the ACM Grand Finals.

Shape-shifting computer chip thwarts an army of hackers

In The Conversation, Todd Austin explains how a new, secure computer processor prevents hacks, and why it matters.

Researchers to use brain scans to understand gender bias in software development

The team will use fMRI to identify some of the underlying processes that occur when a code reviewer weighs in on a piece of software and its author.

Raymond Fok selected as finalist for CRA UG research award; two others receive honorable mention

This award program recognizes undergraduate students in North American colleges and universities who show outstanding potential in an area of computing research.

Risk-aware autonomy – moving artificial intelligence forward

In this video, CSE PhD student Dhanvin Mehta talks about his work in getting robots to navigate safely amongst pedestrians.

U-M startup May Mobility blazes toward autonomous fleet market

Driverless shuttles hit the streets in downtown Detroit.

CSE researchers funded to make online communication smarter

Profs. Danai Koutra and Walter Lasecki have been awarded two grants from Trove, an Ann-Arbor based startup built on the vision of improving communication using artificial intelligence.

Jeremy Gibson authors book on game design, prototyping, and programming

Career Center Report Shows Computer Scientists Highly Sought, Best Compensated

Dragomir Radev Coaches High School Linguists in Competition at International Linguistics Olympiad